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API Scientific classification Kingdom: Fungi Division: Ascomycota Class: Dothideomycetes Subclass: Dothideomycetidae Order: Microthyriales Family: Microthyriaceae Genus: Asteritea Bat. & R. Garnier Type species Asteritea roureae Bat. & R. Garnier Asteritea is a genus of fungi in the Microthyriaceae family; according to the 2007 Outline of Ascomycota, the placement in this family is uncertain. This is a monotypic genus, containing the single species Asteritea roureae. Asteritea is a parasitic or saprobic fungus that appears as black spots on the underside of leaves. Wu, Hyde, and Chen describe Asteritea as having "flattened ascomata with a star-like opening and superficial mycelium with hyphopodia" and suggest placement in the Asterinaceae family. ^ Lumbsch TH, Huhndorf SM. (December 2007). "Outline of Ascomycota – 2007". Myconet (Chicago, USA: The Field Museum, Department of Botany) 13: 1–58.  ^ Haixia Wu, Kevin D. Hyde, & Hang Chen (March 2011). "Studies on Microthyriaceae: placement of Actinomyxa, Asteritea, Cirsosina, Polystomellina and Stegothyrium". Cryptogami Mycologie.
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