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2005 YU55

2005 YU55 Goldstone radar image of asteroid 2005 YU55 taken November 7, 2011. Discovered by R. S. McMillan Steward Observatory, Kitt Peak (691) Discovery date December 28, 2005 MPC designation 2005 YU55 Minor planet category PHA Apollo Epoch 2010-Jul-23 (JD 2455400.5) (Uncertainty=1) Aphelion 1.6329 AU (Q) Perihelion 0.65241 AU (q) Semi-major axis 1.1427 AU (a) Eccentricity 0.42905 Orbital period 1.22 yr Mean anomaly 26.094° (M) Inclination 0.51351° Longitude of ascending node 39.304° Argument of perihelion 268.79° Dimensions 310-400 meters Sidereal rotation period 18 hr Spectral type C-type Absolute magnitude (H) 21.1 2005 YU55, also written as 2005 YU55, is a potentially hazardous asteroid 310 meters or about 400 m (1,300 feet) in diameter. It was discovered on 28 December 2005 by Robert S. McMillan at Steward Observatory, Kitt Peak. On 8 November 2011 it passed 0.85 lunar distances (324,900 kilometers; 201,900 miles) from the Earth. This is the closest known approach by an asteroid with an absolute magnitude this bright since 2010 XC15 (H = 21.4) approached within 0.5 lunar distances in 1976. Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the help page.
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